Top 10 Video Conference Lighting

Are you looking for video conference lighting? Today we will discuss this article lighting for video conferencing and how to Set up the best lighting for video conferencing at home? Video conferencing is unique in its capability to connect teams face-to-face, even if they’re hundreds of miles away.

When you’re connecting with your business associates or customers, meeting a brand new customer (or prospective customer) for the first time, or holding an interview for a job, having a well-lit conference room can assist you in presenting your best self and make maximum value from every phone call. This article provides helpful tips on lighting to get the perfect Lighting for Video Conferencing.

Best Ring Lights to Brighten Your Face During Video Calls

Did you wake on a Monday morning feeling ill due to last night’s surprise celebration that caused you to be “slizzard,” ugh, just 30 minutes prior to your weekly video conference with your team? Then you get out of the bed, rush to get dressed and breakfast, nearly spraining your ankle while sprinting to your computer desk? When you start the laptop, and then click the Zoom meeting link you shout out, “Who the hell is that?” as the screen relentlessly shows your face? “Do I really look that…ugly?”

Stop putting ring lights in a container that says “TikTokers and YouTubers only.” They’re designed to make your face look more attractive. What’s the harm of being attractive? If you’re a participant in video conferences, and especially those who are suffering from anxiety about selfies that they’re afraid to open your camera. We suggest the top 11 ring lights, including the following: wireless, tripod, clip-on and portable. They’ll provide you with a workspace a professional clean-up.

What is The Best Lighting for a Video Conference?

We’ve all had calls in which some participants are difficult to identify because of the lighting. In most cases, they’re lit up with backlighting, which creates the appearance of a silhouette. However, they might have stark shadows on their face, receive too much light that causes an unnatural look, or not even lit.

However, lighting that is poor and blocks participants from seeing one another is, at best, distracting and, worst of all, it can be detrimental to the overall experience. It’s essential to ensure proper lighting is at the beginning of your meeting, especially when meeting with essential participants, leading a team gathering, hosting a corporate-wide event, or a customer-facing webinar.

10 Best Video Conference Lighting

  1. Lume Cube – Video Conference Lighting Kit
  2. Ring Light Kit – NEEWER
  3. Ultimate VLogging Kit – ROTOLIGHT
  4. Selfie LED Circle Ring Light – QIAYA
  5. LED Desk Light with Clamp – BEKADA
  6. Premium Edge-lit Ring Light – ELGATO
  7. 10” Ring Light Tripod Stand – SENSYNE
  8. Selfie Ring Light – UBEESIZE
  9. Ring Light with Wireless Remote Controller – PIXEL
  10. Selfie Vlog Pro Ring Light and Studio Stand Set – FOTODIOX

Panel lights are light boards that are packed with numerous LEDs. Some have suction cups or clips that enable them to be attached to laptops. They’re lightweight and adjustable, which means they can be tucked away in bags for backpacks or messenger bags. You can also alter the brightness and color of their display to create the perfect appearance.

01: Lume Cube: Video Conference Lighting Kit

lighting for video conferencing

The Lume Cube is a great and affordable remote-work video conferencing lighting option. Its bright adjustable LED light comes with an opacifying diffuser that helps to avoid the harsh appearance. The temperature of the color is adjustable and is compatible with both desktop computers and laptops.

A simple, professional lighting solution will enhance your appearance when you make Video Calls. With the size of a credit card, You’ll get options such as variable the color temperature, the brightness, and a slick mounting system that won’t harm your device.

02: Ring Light Kit – NEEWER

Lighting for Video Conferencing

The Neewer LED Portable Lighting Kit is priced at $47.99 and includes two light panels that are small and tabletop tripods that can be adjusted. Ideally, you’ll modify the lighting’s height to be close to eye level and then place them on either side of your laptop or video conference camera. The lights can be powered by connecting them to your computer’s USB drive or straight into your wall. The brightness can be adjusted using the switches on the cords for each lamp.

Neewer – A team of passionate people dedicated to providing you with the latest and innovative photography equipment. We are all aware of the finer aspects and practicality of high-quality products, and we always stand behind every product we develop. In light of the growing popularity in social media, Neewer strives to offer affordable audio and video enhancement equipment to everyone, allowing users to build studios specialized for less cost.

If you’re an advocate of high review scores, take a look at this Neewer lighting kit with LED designed for video conferences. This USB-powered, low-cost option has two lights and stands that allow you to transition to professional lighting with three points easily. It’s completely adjustable and dimmable, too, and you can put it on the ground or even on your desk.

03: Ultimate VLogging Kit – ROTOLIGHT

Lighting for Video Conferencing

When conference rooms are replaced by video-based meetings, your first impression on the internet is as crucial as your physical first impression. When conference rooms are replaced with video conferences, Your first impression on the internet is as crucial as your physical first impression. Make sure you create the perfect impression using your Rotolight Video Conferencing Kit.

It is ideal for Zoom/Skype Video conferencing with Teams to impress your clients and enhance your video by adding soft and flattering lighting. It is quick and easy to eliminate shadows while ensuring that you always appear and feel your best. The included skin tone and diffusion filters for quick touch-ups.

04: Selfie LED Circle Ring Light – QIAYA

Lighting for Video Conferencing

QIAYA is a leader in selfie rings, lights, professional lighting for photography, iPhone, and camera tripods, all for a reasonable price. QIAYA selfie ring lights can help you capture various degrees of brightness and angles of light. We set out to remove all unflattering shadows to emphasize you while darkening the background.

We’re committed to developing the best quality products available in the selfie lamp market. We invite you to contact us via email if you bought one of our QIAYA products that aren’t meeting your expectations — regardless of whether you purchased directly from us or through an authorized retailer. Our products are entirely warranted against manufacturing defects and are backed by our promise of replacement or refund in full.

Unique and Original Design. The ring light is specially shaped and shaped to form a circle to ensure even and gentle light diffusion. It was then placed in a beautiful gift box, making it the perfect present for someone you cherish. Easy to Use. Insert 2 AAA batteries (NOT included) and take your best selfies! There’s no need to go around your house searching for the ideal spot within your home to capture photos.

High Brightness and Three-Level Dimming Options. It is easy to adjust the brightness with a single press. Enjoy your selfies regardless of whether it’s outdoor or indoor during the day or night. Light Weight, Compact Size. The compact size makes it simple to keep in your bag. Please put it on your tablet, phone, or laptop to take high-quality pictures and videos of every significant occasion in your life! It’s a great tool anytime you require more lighting for makeup pictures, taking photographs, creating videos, and so on!

05: LED Desk Light with Clamp – BEKADA

Lighting for Video Conferencing

Bekada video lighting kit for conference calls will brighten the next video conference call and ensure that you are at the top of your game. The LED light can be used with laptops and monitors for desktops with soft, professional lighting and completely adjustable control.

Remote working is now the norm for many hustlers. You have the option of a facelift on camera for virtual meetings by using this clamp ring light that is designed to be used on a desk. It can be hung on the edge of your table, the headboard of your bed, or put on the desk or the wall for the video call. Make sure to adjust the gooseneck-like arm for the lighting angle that’s soft, natural, natural, and perfect.

06: Premium Edge-lit Ring Light – ELGATO

lighting for video conferencing

Elgato is a leading supplier of audiovisual technologies for content creators across various video streaming platforms. The word “Elgato” is synonymous with quality and performance.

Elgato products are either modern-day technology by themselves or reimagined technologies designed to change the way creative workflows are conducted. Tools and firmware are regularly changed to ensure that producers are at the forefront of their field. The cross-compatibility feature provides seamless user experiences that evolve as the Elgato ecosystem expands.

07: Ring Light Tripod Stand – SENSYNE

lighting for video conferencing

A budget-friendly, lightweight tripod for ring lights should be your first choice for any camera-worthy event. For taking selfies, video conferencing, or recording video, Sensyne’s LED light kit lets you unwind and relax while using your remote to record any moment, without having to run between locations to set the alarm (how can people accomplish that?).

08: Selfie Ring Light – UBEESIZE

lighting for video conferencing

The UBeesize Duo Ring Light is priced at $16.99 and includes two small ring lights attached to one base. Many YouTubers and social media influencers utilize rings because they offer gentle, warm, and even lighting. It is possible to clamp the lights on the side of your desk and adjust the arms’ length, flexibility, and length to find the ideal lighting balance.

The computer’s USB drive is the power source for the lights, and you can control the brightness and temperature using a single button on your cord. If you want to make an event via your smartphone, there is also an area to place phones.

09: Ring Light with Wireless Remote Controller – PIXEL

lighting for video conferencing

Outdoor shooting can be made simple and more enjoyable by the wirelessly operated ring lighting system that is available in a complete package, including lights stand with diffusion filter remote control Bluetooth bags for carry-on and a phone holder with a power adapter and adapters to multiple cameras. If your job requires you to go up the Himalayas to take a business trip and then video call there, it is the correct answer.

Pixel Lighting uses digital controllers that allow users to program and control specific LEDs or groups LEDs based on the specific product. This fine-grained control lets pixel lighting products produce various patterns and lighting effects, including video.

10. Selfie Vlog Pro Ring Light and Studio Stand Set – FOTODIOX

lighting for video conferencing

Fotodiox provides the most extensive selection of lens mount adapters, with more than 800 options currently available (with many more on the way). If you’re looking to switch digital technology or want to give new life to old glass made for the film, Fotodiox has a vast range of adapters ready for you.

The most challenging shooting situations typically require filtering to the lens to help preserve the image. But when you’re using Wide Angle or Ultra Wide Angle lenses, the bulbous front element and the absence of threads make it challenging to apply filters until the advent of WonderPana. WonderPana is a complete filter system, and WonderPana is an entire filtering system specifically designed to filter UWA or WA lenses with no Vignetting.

Serving the video and photo markets since 2004, Fotodiox is a renowned producer and distributor of top-quality professional and affordable accessories for videography and photography. It is renowned for its products such as The WonderPana Wide-Angle Filter System, Vizelex’s ND Throttle adapter, the prize-winning GoTough accessories, and the revolutionary and highly acclaimed technology PopSpot, FACTOR, and FlapJack, LED lighting.

How to Set up Lighting for Video Conferencing

If you’re looking for the look of a C-suite, think about opting for full-on 3-point lighting. This technique that filmmakers and photographers use to create their subjects look stunning. It’s also a straightforward setup that uses only one light in the room and one focused on you as the person (you) and the backlight for highlights from behind or on the side.

This lighting arrangement zaps dark shadows, and it also fills in sharp edges of your face adding depth and brightness to the space. The overall effect feels like you’re in the highest quality commercials and beats the usual dark, grainy look. For a test, attach a ring light onto your laptop, and then use two panels of lights to illuminate the room as well as backlights. For more details, check out this tutorial on 3-point lighting.

When to add a green screen

Green screens to video conference may seem complicated, but applications such as Zoom and the pre-fabricated green screen kits can make it easy. It is also possible to store them efficiently and in small amounts of space. Zoom backgrounds are easy to alter and be placed before an unpainted wall, in the city skyline, and on the Millennium Falcon.

Moving backgrounds with no green background can result in unwanted glitches and artifacts. Pop-up screens could be helpful. Look up our Corsair Elgato green screen MT or the cheaper Neewer 5’x7 collapsible backdrop for a start. It is also possible to purchase chromakey-green paint if you don’t have a space in the office.

Other ways to look great on Zoom

Professional and crisp isn’t just about the lighting for video conferencing. Please find out more about the steps to boost your virtual meeting experience with our step-by-step guide for better Virtual Meetings. Here are some additional suggestions to stream your meetings for success.

1. Use filters

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other teleconferencing platforms have filters that can be used to create soft-focus effects or other enhancements. For instance, you can alter your lighting in real time or smooth skin with Zoom filters.

2. Frame your shot

Camera placement matters. For the best possible framing, ensure that you don’t look like tiny heads on the bottom of a massive box. Set your laptop’s screen to ensure that your eyes are approximately one-third towards the upper part, which means your shoulders and head fill around a third of the screen’s area. This will keep you looking good professional, professional, and proportional. (No vast nostrils, please.)

3. Start with the best gear

For your computer to look and sound the best, you need the right laptop specifically for video conferencing. HP’s range of top laptops for video meetings includes fifteen-inch HP Spectre x360 convertible laptop and HP EliteBook x360, the HP EliteBook x360 830 G7 notebook computer.

These powerhouses for remote work are equipped with dual-array digital microphones, the HP TruVision HD cameras, and crystal clear audio by Bang & Olufsen. Are you looking for other options? Please read our article on Selecting the Best HP Computer to host Video Conferences.


The most effective video conference lighting options are affordable and straightforward to operate, and a single laptop-mounted or ring light could do wonders. However, you should make the most of 3-point lighting and a green backdrop for that sleek executive style.

If you’re willing to play around with a bit of experimentation, you can make Zoom, and with a bit of experimentation, you can conduct MS Teams calls as if you had an entire production staff. There are more strategies to make your business appear most professional in our guide on How you can Use Google Meet and How to Use Zoom for Remote Meetings.