Top 20 Best Free Video Conferencing Platforms

The top free video conferencing applications enable users to stay connected online with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. The development of cloud technology means the use of reliable videoconferencing is now affordable and accessible and can benefit the needs of modern-day workplaces. This is particularly important due to the current outbreak of cholera.

Best Video Conferencing Platforms For Android

Free video conferencing has helped numerous businesses function through employees’ ability to work from home, using conferencing tools to hold meetings and update general communications.

The most crucial aspect to consider when using free video conferencing is video quality. It’s not just about how the video looks. The highest quality does not matter if users quit or their calls stop often. We tested every platform to see how they did concerning the quality of their connectivity to the internet changed.

What is Video Conferencing Platforms?

The Platforms for video conferencing is the technology that lets businesses conduct meetings online instead of in person. We all have memories of conferences using audio, where everyone was speaking on the phone at once.

However, video allows you to have the option of a face-to-face meeting regardless of where the participants are.

Video conferences Platforms were once large, expensive in-house conference rooms. Nowadays, cloud-based technology means that you can conduct meetings online without investing in rooms stuffed with hardware.

Also, depending on how efficient your Platforms is, most cloud-based meeting services have top sound and video recording quality.

What is the Best Free Video Conferencing Platforms?

These video meeting apps are a reputable platform for teleconferencing that is ideal for companies of all sizes. If your team has been able to quickly adjust to a remote working environment due to COVID-19, easy-to-use apps can help you connect to your colleagues without an issue.

These platforms offer video conferencing for free and various options along with interfaces to ensure that your remote teams get the most value from your video chats.

Web Conferencing Platforms

Web-based conferencing Platforms allows you to host meetings, webinars, and other events on the internet, usually using video. Participants can join the web conference via the dial-in number on the phone or by the VoIP connection using computers.

Which is the Best Free Video Conferencing Platforms?

Free video conferencing Platforms allows you to hold live meetings with any person on the planet by transmitting your video, voice, and even text via the internet. However, the majority of Platforms available today has moved further than simple conference calls with the creation of additional features like screen sharing, playback, and mobile-based access.

With the continuous advancement of video conferencing Platforms, it’s challenging to determine which is the most suitable for your company. This is why the following section will guide you through the top choices.

20 Best Free Video Conferencing Platforms

  1. Lifesize
  2. Zoom Meetings
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Google Meet
  5. Microsoft Teams
  6. Skype
  7. GoToMeeting
  8. ClickMeeting
  9. Dialpad Meetings
  10. Polycom
  11. U Meeting
  12. BigBlueButton
  13. RingCentral
  14. Join.Me
  15. FreeConference
  16. Zoho
  17. AnyMeeting
  18. Fuze
  19. Highfive
  20. Webex by Cisco

01: Lifesize

 Free Video Conferencing

Lifesize can be a great solution to every meeting space. Lifesize video conferencing Platforms is a tool that provides excellent collaboration possibilities by hosting online video conferences through sharing screens with HD video and audio.

Instant wireless connectivity and the best coverage offer flexibility and scalability that can adapt to our requirements and requirements.

It’s the perfect solution for those who need to work online without a lot of hassle security, speed, and security. Communications Platforms that promotes the consistency of your work stands out from other Platforms by providing top-quality features and functions right away without large collect or complex configurations that are fully adaptable to our specific needs.

02: Zoom

 Free Video Conferencing

Zoom is an app for video communication on the cloud that lets you set up audio and virtual video conferencing Platforms and live chats, webinars, screen-sharing, and other collaborative features.

There is no need to sign up for an account to join the Zoom meeting, and the application is possible to use to Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, which means that almost everybody can access it.

Zoom is the current video-based communication platform preferred by federal government agencies as well as tech-based startups, religious groups, and everyday people who want to chat — or even have a party with their family and friends.

03: Blue Jeans

 Free Video Conferencing

BlueJeans offers a top-quality video conferencing Platforms experience optimized for mobile workers. With incredible features, such as Dolby Voice(r) audio and Dolby Vision(r), BlueJeans can make any gathering more productive, no matter the location where participants are.

BlueJeans is a video conferencing Platforms designed to be used by business users. In BlueJeans’s interface, you can record video conferences. With the blueJeans user interface, you can make video calls and share them with other members, engage in an interactive chat with text, and many more.

It also runs on various devices that include smartphones, laptops (iOS and Android), and tablets. It’s considered one of the best platforms for Free video conferencing online using tools that permit users to share their content fast and safely.

04: Google Meet

 Free Video Conferencing

You can securely connect with others, share ideas and share your celebrations from any location. Google Meet lets you collaborate, connect and celebrate from anywhere. Google Meet video conferencing Platforms , everyone can easily create and join video-quality meetings for groups of up to 250 participants.

Ensure that your appointments are safe – all video recordings are protected during travel, and our safety measures are constantly updated to provide additional security.

Hosting large gatherings invites up to 250 people to attend a meeting, regardless of whether they’re in the same group or outside your business. Engage with discussions – participate in meetings without interruptions via Q&A, Polls, or Hand Raise. Simple access from any device.

Share your link with your team and invite them to join in your discussions via a single click on your web browser or Google Meet, the Google Meet mobile app. Display your screen and share documents, slides, or other materials during your call.

Follow the conversation live. Instant captions powered Google text-to-speech technology.

05: Microsoft Teams

 Free Video Conferencing

Microsoft Teams is the best Free video conferencing Platforms. Microsoft Teams has a basic free plan and is part of the 365 Business packages. It’s replacing Skype for Business and is easily compatible with the rest of Microsoft’s products.

It offers the complete set of features you’d expect to find, including file sharing, screen sharing, and text chat.

The backend, however, can be more complicated than the other options and can be expensive if you do not use the other features of the 365 Platforms.

06: Polycom

 Free Video Conferencing

Polycom was founded amid Plantronics and Polycom and is making massive leaps for humanity. We design and create stunningly designed audio and video solutions that allow you to be heard and seen with fantastic clarity wherever you are—supported by Platforms Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and knowledge to go beyond connectivity.

Poly is a pioneer in the quest to solve the problem of working from anywhere and creating a sense of fairness between the people in the room and those not.

If you’re in an office or remote hub or at your home office, we’ve got your back. Poly can outfit your office and your personal space – including those out in the area – with the equipment you require to be at your best and look great.

07: Skype

 Free Video Conferencing

Skype recognizes that video is crucial in keeping relationships with people whom you value the most, no matter if they’re across in the same street as you or on another continent. Watch the faces of the people you cherish, enjoy informal gatherings with friends on any device, and all through the group chat feature.

Thanks to Skype, planning a date with your friends is never more accessible. It’s possible that video chats could end up being more enjoyable than the plans you come up with! Family gatherings are simple even when dad, mom, and the children are scattered across the nation or worldwide.

Video chat for group meetings facilitates as many as 100 participants to collaborate and meet simultaneously. Through group screen sharing, it is possible to present PowerPoint videos, slides, and more to the whole team. Remote coworkers can work more efficiently, while long-distance learning is now possible for students across the globe.

Assignment of projects and discussions about due dates is faster and more efficient with face-to-face conversations using Skype’s group video call feature.

08: GoToMeeting

 Free Video Conferencing

GoToMeeting lets you work remotely and keeps your business secure and protected. With work to be performed anytime, anyplace and on any device, your company requires a virtual-based meeting platform designed to help you run your business better.

GoToMeeting video conferencing Platforms can help businesses grow with secure online meetings and the highest recording and audio quality.

GoToMeeting’s online meeting application has all the features you need to ensure your company provides the most efficient web-based conferencing experience.

09: ClickMeeting

 Free Video Conferencing

ClickMeeting platform began its existence in the year 2011. Over the years, it has earned its reputation as a complete webinar service for business, educational, and non-profit organizations of all sizes and shapes.

In these days of working remotely and online education, We provide the technology specifically designed for efficient collaboration meetings, online communication.

We aid thousands of trainers, teachers, and marketers, salespeople, and managers across the globe to remain in touch, exchange their knowledge and experiences, host online events of all levels – from small online meetings that can accommodate up to 25 persons via webinars with up to 1,000 attendees, and even actual virtual events with up to 10K people.

10: U Meeting

 Free Video Conferencing

U Meeting is designed not for businesses and not for people who work in them. Video conferencing Platforms are now a necessity in both education and business. They offer a wide range of possibilities and are a great option to facilitate virtual meetings for companies in distance learning and others. Create video meetings quickly and efficiently, regardless of how urgent.

U Meeting will handle scheduling and invitations, and it will also allow attendees to attend meetings with ease. U Meeting supports Windows/MacOS PC and iOS/Android phones. Meetings can be joined using Chrome without plugins or registration.

U Meeting provides all the tools you require for discussion, including shared desktops, virtual whiteboards, laser pointers, and annotated pens.

You can easily present your ideas and interact with other attendees. You can also hold breakout sessions during meetings and record your discussions.

U Meeting lets you watch up to twelve video streams. It is also possible to switch to speaker mode to ensure that everyone is focused on the presenter at meetings.

11: BigBlueButton

 Free Video Conferencing

BigBlueButton is a global educational platform for teaching and learning. It was designed in a classroom and not in a school, and it is one of the few virtual classes designed from the beginning specifically for teachers.

It’s accessible in more than 65 languages, and educators worldwide have been involved in the design. Alongside a global network of developers and companies that provide commercial assistance, BigBlueButton is continuously evolving to meet the changing demands of educators everywhere.

BigBlueButton is, in my opinion, the best open-source solution for video conferencing to online education. Compared to other video conferencing Platforms, it’s a challenge to install.

However, it’s free and comes with all the features in costly commercial video conferencing for online learning Platforms. Its performance is excellent.

12: RingCentral

 Free Video Conferencing

RingCentral Video is one of the most potent choices on this list, with the most extensive set of options. To get the most from it, make sure you collect the application. However, it offers an excellent in-browser function also.

This is perfect for participants who wish to join the call without installing additional applications.If you’re a frequent reader of GetVoIP you’ve probably been aware of RingCentral at least a couple of times.

They’re among the most reputable service providers in the VoIP market, however, you may not realize they also offer the video conference service known by the name of RingCentral Meetings.

It is possible to get RingCentral Video with any RingCentral Office plan. The basic plan has additional features beyond video conferencing Platforms, and you’ll also have access to group messaging through the same application.

Higher-end plans include more options, like a highly efficient analytics dashboard. When you upgrade your project, you’ll even avail a business-grade phone service (yep, it’s in the same application).

13: Dialpad Meetings

 Free Video Conferencing

Dialpad Meetings (formerly UberConference) is a video conferencing Platforms with an integrated AI and a high degree of customization.

Meetings are scheduled within your Dialpad web interface, and appointments can also be prepared by using Google Calendar or Microsoft 365. Instant chat messaging with your team screen/app/browser tab sharing whiteboarding and real-time document collaboration is available through Dialpad Meetings.

14: Webex by Cisco

 Free Video Conferencing

Cisco Webex Meetings can be used on several devices, giving users the ability to be flexible. It includes all of those features that you’d want; however, the business plan comes with something unique: an assistant that can be digital.

The assistant can take notes, collate notes from meetings, and write emails to recap discussions after the meeting, saving you time.

Cisco Webex Meetings is one of the most popular video conferencing Platforms options because of the ad-hoc nature that its no-cost plan offers. Although it cannot meet the time limit of 40 minutes with Zoom, it comes with 1GB of cloud storage and the capability to include up to 50 people for a single conference.

The live speaker view helps you monitor who is talking at any given time. Another helpful feature is that live polling can help make decisions for your team in meetings.

15: Join.Me

 Free Video Conferencing offers a reasonable free plan and user-friendly interface. There’s an option to listen only as well as a host of other features, including whiteboards or screen sharing. What makes it stand out is its ability to hand the presentation role to anyone, and the host can take the position back at any time, thereby preventing excessive use.

It’s also a fantastic method to allow multiple presentations on a single conference call.

16: FreeConference

Video Conferencing Software

FreeConference provides a no-cost and unlimited conference calling service in HD quality. Make your conference call ahead of time or send messages and invitations. Participants can join the call from their mobile apps, desktops, or dial-in to no cost from a mobile.

FreeConference is wholly encrypted using WebRTC, the most secure technology for internet connections on the market. Connect without the worry of being hacked by unwelcome entities. Furthermore, your data is not stored or shared.

Your information is yours solely yours. Online meeting rooms are free and equipped with audio and video conferencing Platforms for free with no cost screen sharing and document sharing, online whiteboard, and free dial-in connectivity.

It’s the most influential meeting Platforms that doesn’t require installation required for anyone! Use the screen sharing feature directly from your internet browser during an unpaid conference call to create more excellent impactful presentations and real-time collaboration. It’s easy and requires no collecting requirements!

17: Zoho:

Video Conferencing Software

Zoho – Cloud Platforms Suite and SaaS Applications for Businesses. Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform and webinar service that assists people in finding innovative ways to work remotely and collaborate efficiently.

Make your remote collaboration more effective today by using our secure online conference Platforms. Video conferencing Platforms is committed to safeguarding your privacy and information when you host online meetings with audio, video, and screen sharing.

Zoho Meeting offers multiple security features to ensure your arrangements are secure from interruptions, like the Lock Meetings feature and organization-level video settings and notifications for entry and exit.

Zoho Meeting also encrypts audio-video screen sharing, which helps keep your data secure as it travels across the internet.

18: AnyMeeting

Video Conferencing Software

AnyMeeting is an award-winning web-based conferencing, a fully-featured and online video conferencing Platforms, meeting, and webinar tool designed and priced for small businesses. It is simple to use and install experience is accessible on mobile and desktop devices to ensure you are assured of reliable, comfortable meetings from anywhere and at any time.

With the best HD recording and audio quality, interactive collaboration tools, and artificial intelligence abilities, AnyMeeting transforms communications with a more efficient, quicker, and more engaging meeting experience.

It’s simple to use. It’s simple to use. Scheduling meetings isn’t complex and completely free. It’s browser-based, making it practical for businesses to conserve storage space on their devices and not worry about the installation.

19: Fuze

Video Conferencing Software

Fuze has more than ten years of experience in video conferencing Platforms, and their product reflects the expertise of their team, especially when you implement their solution. Administrators can manage users quickly, and team members start right away.

Fuze is an excellent choice for couples that are just beginning to use Platforms for communication, but it isn’t equipped with the more advanced features offered by other decisions on the list.

Enhance productivity and engagement with HD audio and video conferencing Platforms. Fuze provides enterprise-class HD audio and video conferences for up to 1,000 attendees with a vibrant display and shared content.

These services are seamlessly connected to the same application, providing a consistent user experience across desktops, mobile, web, and rooms. Fuze Meetings incorporates top-of-the-line HD VoIP with worldwide dial-in access.

Fuze Meetings effectively delivers an excellent audio experience through cleverly routing the call and optimizing the experience for every participant in the meeting, dependent on their location and internet connectivity.

20: Highfive

Video Conferencing Software

Highfive is a comprehensive collection of audio web conferencing, meetings, and conferencing solutions explicitly designed for small to medium-sized companies. Highfive is an American video conferencing Platforms business that uses cloud-based Platforms and its own video conferencing equipment in the room.

Highfive delivers modern, immersive meetings designed with you, mirroring how you prefer to work in friendly in face-to-face settings. With the mobile application of Highfive, it’s possible to work from any location and at any point.

This means that you can start or end an audio or video conference on your device, move the video call to any TV with Highfive connectivity, or use your mobile device as a remote.

Best HIPAA-Compliant Video Conferencing Platforms

When looking at web-based conference Platforms, people consider essential aspects like meeting length and size and integration with other tools for team collaboration and features like the ability to share screens and recording capabilities.

For healthcare facilities, it is essential to turn at HIPAA-compliant Free video conferencing Platforms is now more crucial than ever before since patients are expected to have attended more than 1 billion medical appointments throughout telemedicine.

Medical professionals need to know the distinction between public and private web-based conferencing tools to make sure they’re using HIPAA compliant video Platforms for conferencing.

Best Video Conferencing Platforms for Small Businesses

To ensure the most influential conference, you need top-quality audio and the best video quality. Web and video conferencing tools must be easy to access for attendees, presenters, and staff alike.

For small businesses with only several employees, Google Hangouts Meet will suffice, and it is part of the small-sized business G Suite membership. If you are a business that needs to organize meetings with groups of up to 100 people meeting minutes, the free 40-minute arrangements with Zoom may be more appropriate.

In the case of small-sized business VoIP tools, There are certain things that you must take into the equation, including the number of people on your team, the features are offered as well as whether the design of the Platforms is suitable for the scale of your business.

Features of the Best Video Conferencing Platforms

If you’re trying to determine which video conference Platforms is best for your business, then ensure you’re searching for these crucial features.

We’ll shortly run through various web-based conferencing options in depth before deciding on the best Free video conferencing Platforms. However, you must be aware of the features that are offered. In addition, you should know which elements are essential for the success of your business.

  1. Screen Sharing
  2. Mobile apps
  3. Text chat
  4. File storage
  5. Conference Recording
  6. HD video and voice
  7. Supports multiple devices
  8. Analytics
  9. Web browser access
  10. Integrations with other Platforms
  11. Scheduling
  12. Moderator tools
  13. Strong security

Free Web and Video Conferencing Platforms

There are numerous video and web-based conferencing Platforms options to choose from. Some are tools for personal use, such as Skype and Google Hangouts. Some are targeted at small-sized companies, like AnyMeeting, MeetingBurner, Join.Me and Zoom. Free web-based Free video conferencing Platforms (and free levels of paid Platforms) might have limitations.

It is a result of lower quality audio/video, fewer features, and restrictions on the number of meetings, for example. Paid services typically come with more incredible features and superior performance and security compared to free web-based conference Platforms. However, they are expensive for smaller businesses, particularly in cases where online meetings are only required occasionally by a small group of people.